View Poll Results: which facebook client do you use?

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  • facebook home page (

    12 8.89%
  • facebook mobile ( x or touch.

    37 27.41%
  • facebook lite (

    10 7.41%
  • facebook app from palm

    88 65.19%
  • friendsflow service

    11 8.15%
  • friendsbook service

    9 6.67%
  • none of those, i dont use it!

    6 4.44%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I use the beta palm facebook app for notifications and the for replying or doing anything FB related. Just easier to navigate.. IMO looks nicer too.
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    I use the facebook web site. It works great with my pre, and everything is available feature wise
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    Palm Facebook, love it
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    I use the beta Facebook that Palm made, and also go to the mobile site when someone comments a picture because from some reason it wont load from the Beta app. The mobile site has been greatly improved recently, it has notifications that pop up for easy access at the top.
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    I guess many dont know that palm facebook beta has been update to include notifications. I see that is many ppl main comment when speaking of using other facebook clients. Now you dont need them.

    Check it out:
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