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    Telefónica/Sagem Orga SIMFi embeds WiFi onto a 3G SIM card

    What if, rather than buying a MiFi or using a WiFi router app like on the Palm Pre Plus, you could stick a SIM in any device and have a shared 3G connection? That’s what Sagem Orga and Telefonica are promising; they’ve developed the SIMFi, a USIM card with an embedded WiFi radio that, when dropped into any standard handset, can share the 3G HSPA connection with various WiFi clients as an instant access point.

    The SIMFi uses SIM toolkit applets running on the card itself, meaning there’s no setup hassles or handset-specific configuration. Instead users would presumably change any access point settings – security, for instance – via the SIM menu in the first device they slot the SIMFi into, and then use it plug-and-play from that point on.

    It’s a promising idea, and we’re guessing that with Telefonica on board the SIMFi will be seeing a commercial release rather than floating around as a proof of concept we can’t get hold of. No word on what sort of price each of the modules commands, but it seems likely that carriers would give the SIMFi away as long as you took out some sort of mobile data contract.

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