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    I left Verizon back when the Pre was first released. I never looked back. I hate their pricing! Oh well Im sprint for now. IF AT&T gets a GSM Pre then I might look at changing.
    Little confused here, worst service (well documented by iphone users) and expensive pricing, am I missing something here?
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    Unless someone is dead set on the iphone I cant imagine why you would go with AT&T.
    To me it goes one of two ways, if the best coverage is what you need then go with Verizon and if you prefer value then Sprints your thing, but ATT? it's almost the same price as Verizon and the covrage isn't really any better then Sprint.
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    In order for me to make the switch to sprint for their "cheaper" all in one plans I would have to shell out $1400 in equipment up front to replace my 5 lines with equivalent phones to what I have now. All that to save $30 a month.

    I think that I will be staying with Verizon and their great customer service that I have never had an issue with. I was with Nextel when sprint bought them out and then eventually switched to sprint briefly, after 3 months of inconsistent billing and spending hours on the phone each month to try and get it straight, I dropped them like a bad habit and have not looked back.
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    I have heard that the Palm Pre Plus - has better battery life? Anyone know if that is true. With the last couple of Web OS updates - my battery life on my Pre (regular) has greatly improved. Before I was ready to chuck the phone because battery life was so bad. (now my only complaint is that you can't create video clips!)

    As for Verizon v. Sprint... I have heard complaints from all sides... most people are loyal to their service provider and will defend that provider until they get jilted and then that provider is the worst they have ever had... I have been with Sprint for about 10 years now and have not ever had any major issues with customer service or coverage. I think people buy into the hype of whatever their service provider advertises because they want to think they are smarter than people who bought brand B. If you are happy then great - if you are not then change services.

    Other Stuff: I enjoy my Palm Pre: great functionality, nice web browser, great texting layout, great keyboard (still can't believe it can't take videos) but the iPhone still has no match - if for no other reason than the apps ... I have an ipod touch and it is awesome - and it does not have a camera, calling ability and only has internet connectivity when I am in contact with wifi - and I still think it is awesome. just sayin'

    Please don't forget to give input on my actual question at the top... before I went into my other rants... sorry.
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