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    ive had my phone for about a week now and already its starting to wobble abit (from side to side), not a very good sign...

    is anyone else having the same problem or is it just my phone...can i give this back under warranty?
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    Go swap it out from the story that you bought it from.
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    I tried to get a replacement today only to have the replacements screen wobble. I told them this was unacceptable and they went in back to apparently check out 6 other phones, which they say all had the same issue.

    These were new phones mind you. I'm still convinced there are manufacturing problems with even the new Verizon handsets. Despite palms claim of a tightened slider.
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    Depending on your level of use or abuse a certain amount of give is to be expected over time. If you can see the insides though, it's probably too much. I know with sprint you have 30 days to return it unconditionally as long as it's not damaged.
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    Remember that this "wobble" DOES NOT affect the functionality or durability. Your phone IS FINE. When it's in the fully open position, there is not "wobble". It's only when fully closed.

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