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    I can't figure out yet if it's just a bug in webos or if I'm not doing something right yet, but on a few calls I was on, when the call ended, the phone app automatically minimized and flew off the top of the screen. I don't know if it's because I tapped the gesture area as the call ended, but I can't seem to replicate that action anymore. Was this a bug, (when it happened for me) or does anyone else know how to do this? I actually prefer this happening rather than myself having to tap the gesture area and then swiping it away each time I end a call. Thanks!
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    If you get called and pick up by opening the slider and if you hang up by closing the slider the phone app automatically closes. Any other scenario it stays open as far as I have noticed.
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    It happens with incoming calls when the caller hangs up first. Have someone call you or use another phone and call yourself, watch the dialer open, then hang up, the dialer will minimize and go off the screen. There is a patch to make it work with out going calls also.
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    Could be that your phone's proximity sensor thinks it is still against your face. Try covering the upper right part of the phone right next to the speaker bar with your finger. Then remove it, see if that helps?
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