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    My friend has an Iphone and I can barely understand half of what he says.
    The Pre has great earpiece quality though.
    My girlfriend on Verizon sounds perfectly clear.
    She says my Pre sounds great as well.
    I come from a Treo 800w that had really bad sound.
    Im happy with the Pre's phone quality.
    Never dropped a call,but missed a few that never rang and went to voicemail.
    Usually with Palm that has to do with ringer delay.
    Need a fix for that.
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    When I listen to Pandora everything is clear and pleasant to the ear, calls are perfect. A very happy pre owner
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    I have this problem with my brother & my best friend's iPhones, can barely hear what they are saying unless they speak loudly. It's not a signal thing, it's just poor hardware.

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