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    I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My Pre was extremely unstable once I put the touchstone back on my Pre. I took the Touchstone charger back off my Pre and put on the regular one, and my phone didn't crash for a week. After about a week, I wanted the convenience of the Touchstone, so I put the back back on. Now my phone has crashed twice since I put the touchstone back on my Pre. It doesn't crash when I put it on the Touchstone to charge, but sometimes does. But most of the time I'll just hit an app and it will just freeze and then go to the Palm logo and preceded to restart. I am using the Sprint Pre running WebOS
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    I guess I'm the only one.
    I noticed a couple more things:
    -When this happen and I remove the Pre from the touchstone, it still dipslays the battery icon charging.

    -Also, if I go to screen and locksettings and put the "Auto-off while charging" on, as soon I I set the phone on the touchstone, this is set back to off.
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    Both of you: Try cleaning the contacts that connect between the Touchstone back and the Pre.

    If this doesn't work, try to get a replacement back. Call Palm tech support and they will probably be happy to send you one.

    If this fails, the problem is sadly with your Pre, which you will have to exchange. I'm hopeful it's not this.

    Good luck!
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    try doing Orange Key + SYM + R while the pre is charging on the touchstone
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    Yea I have just gotten used to doing a restart every time I'm putting it on the TS. Now it's just a habit.
    FYI: My Pre is as plain vanilla as the day it came out of the box...

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