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    I just got the touchstone today. As soon as I put the phone on it, it said it was charging, and displayed a screen with the clock on it. Th screen satys on all the time. I guess this is what it's supposed to do, correct me if I'm wrong.

    But when I took the phone off the touchstone, the screen now stays on all the timewith the clock on it. the screen never shuts off by itself like it used to do after 30 sec or a minute.

    Am I missing something?
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    Hi, yeah the phone is designed so that when it is on the touchstone the screen stays dimly lit constantly. I don't know why it isn't going back to sleep when you lift it off the touchstone - that doesn't seem normal. Perhaps the upcoming firmware update will fix your problem, it's only a few days away.

    For now, just tap the power button when you take it off the touchstone
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    You might try powering the Pre off just to see if that fixes it. Maybe a restart is in order?
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    Yeah, it's kinda like an alarm clock when it's sitting on the TS, they have a patch in Preware that disables it.
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    Very odd, did you reboot? I've noticed some charging bugs once in a while that fixed themselves after a reboot. Like the phone would show it's constantly charging, but not charging at all(while on and off the TS). This has only happened once so far and I never charge by USB anymore.

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