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    Lets help Palm out and make it our job to either show it to at least 4 people a day "webos" and try to convince at least 1 person a week a day a month to switch!!! If they like the experience and the phone that much to share it with others and continue the trickle down affect. PALM Products with this new management are the best and only getting better so if you care about this company lets make it happen. Think about it...If 2 million palm owners are out there and if each person did this imagine the exponential results!!!
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    I am starting first thing tomorrow
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    I do it every day. I love this phone. I show it off to my I ** friend all the time and they think there phone can do what mine does and then i laugh at them
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    Most of my friends have blackberries and iphones....trying to convince them all the time to try the pre...My sis is stubborn...My bro will be gettign it on March 12th....
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    Yeah but then my friends will pull out one of their phones and it'll be like, "hey look at me, I have a functional facebook app!" or, "look at me, I'm an iPhone and I don't crash a couple of times a day!" or, "I'm an Android phone and I come on a number of highly performing platforms - qwerty keyboard or otherwise!"

    Granted, I will readily show off my Pre in front of people using Windows Mobile.
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    Just spread the word and show off the phone!!!!!! I see more pre's out in the wild everyday.....1.4 is coming out this weekend....Enlightened people about the phone and tell them about
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    I'm game for this
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    I wish I had the skills...but I think people should make youtube videos!
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    Youtube videos are another way to spread the word. Lets just make it happen
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    When Flash is available, it will be a big selling point. Lets hold off till 1.4 and Flash are available so we have less to compensate for (no explaining/hoping for video recording).

    But when we do, we should load 5 cards on our devices: Email, Web, Game, a Twitter App, and some productivity App (Evernote, Memos, Calendar, etc) and show them how easy it is to go back and forth between them all.
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    I agree as time goes by it will be even an easier introduction but why wait...tell them it will be out this weekend this month but start telling people.....Go on your facebook and make it your status!!!!! I did it when verizon launched ..One person is getting it this weekend.....We need to do this aggressively
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    Just got two friends to agree to check it out this weekend
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    Quote Originally Posted by patthew View Post
    "look at me, I'm an iPhone and I don't crash a couple of times a day!"
    Um nether does the pre...
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    Can more people respond to this thread so I know all of us are here to help palm!!! I am serious spread the word!!! Its a win win...more people on board more developers!!!! more moeny palm makes more investments!!!! THis management is the best!! Make it your job when you go out to show off the phone!!!
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    I'm in.
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    i HATED that movie!

    But the thing is, we can show as many people as we want the phone, but that doesn't mean that they are going to buy it or switch.

    What really needs to happen is The big V, Sprint, and Palm, need to pool their resources, and make a legit advertising campaign to show off what they have.

    Scratch that, Verizon failed.

    So sprint and palm need to get on it and start advertising the hell out of this phone.

    People will buy anything they see on tv...
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    Whats the difference with Verizon Ad and what we can do!!! Dont underestimate the power of sharing and enlightening people. We can advertise and do it better and it doesn t cost money!!! We should take the responsibility and not ***** anymore!! Those who choose to do so make this thread the stories you shared with others and what persuasion you used and if it worked. For the record the movie was great and the truth is if every owner of a new palm phone pre or pixi shared it with 10 people that would be the best advertising!!!
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    I understand where you are coming from, and yes we should show people.

    But advertising by the company that makes it, and the companies that support it are what really need to take place.

    It needs to be put out there in pop culture, and that, we simply can not do
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    Iv been working on it, so many people don't even know what Palm is its sad... (Im only 17 so 17 year old friends and I'm the nerd of the bunch) I did outright bash down a kid bragging about his Iphone a couple weeks ago that was great "can you device multi task?" always wins.
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    KeeganDoomFire you can make it happen at your high school. Show friends the games the graphics etc. Put palm pre your status I have the palm pre as my profile photo!!! Brennan 7 I disagree with you!! But we can go back and forth....But feel free to show it to people and talk about it!!! When you go out its a good conversation starter!!! Last week I was out hit a cutie and was talking about my phone. She said her friend has the pixi....dont underestimate this!!! If it bothers you that palm does nt get the recognition that it deserves and use that energy and put it to good use!!
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