Ok so for months now people have been plagued by the "Why does google only import 'x' of my 'yyy' contacts?" Issue. After researching the people effected I found a few common factors:

1. Blank name contacts in the google contact list.
2. Duplicate "Sprint" feature contacts in the google contact list.
3. Contacts with special characters anywhere in the name.

I solved this problem tonight, which plagued me for months, especially after switching devices, by doing the following:

  1. Log into your gmail account
  2. Browse to your contacts page
  3. View all contacts
  4. (tedious part if you have alot) go through one by one erasing all contacts with special characters, duplicate 'Sprint' (Directory assistance, customer care, etc.), contacts with no names as well.
  5. When you think you have finished go through again to be sure, if you have alot of contacts your eyes will weary and you will miss some, I know I did
  6. After selecting and deleting all the suspect contacts remove the gmail account from your pre contacts
  7. Re-add the account to your pre contacts and Sync it
  8. Congrats, if you are lucky like me this should fix it!

Let me know if this helps, hurts, or awes you...