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    I had to wipe out my laptop and now when I connect my Pre to my new Vista Ultimate it cannot find the driver for Novacom therefore I cannot use QI. How can I reslove this issue?

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    anyone has the novacom driver for vista?
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    I too am intrested in knowing how to download the driver for Vista. I too had an issue with my laptop where i lost the driver. So if anyone has a website or know of a way please help..
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    I thought "Palm Pre Faq:A Newbie Guide" covers Novacom for Win 7 so I assume it should be good for Win Vista?
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    Ok, I got this figured out and will share since no one seems to know. All you hve to do is click on the tools menu in QI and click on the "Attempt novacom re-installation' and it will install the driver for you.

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