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    Hey everyone.

    My Palm Pre has been stuck on the "Palm" screen for the last four days. It acts as though it is going to go further and actually start up, but it freezes when the background starts lighting up and going away around the Palm. I've seen others having this problem too. I've tried the soft and hard resets, but it's still giving me a problem. The Sprint people told me to just keep taking the batter out, but that doesn't work either. Does anyone know what to do?
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    I would suggest taking the battery out for 2-3 minutes then put it back in. I do that on mine when it hangs at the Palm screen. That seems to fix it for me
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    this happened to me today. Taking the battery out for 5 secs did nothing....however taking the battery out for 2-3 min like tlavelle says fixed it
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    Another interesting test would be to see if the device will log into a profile besides your normal profile.

    Create a fake blank profile and see if the device boots into that without any issues.
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