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    Why wont Palm add one through update...
    Live the Pre life.
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    The virtual keyboard works great for me but I only use it for short replies I still like the pre keyboard if i am typing a lot. Palm is committed to the physical keyboard.
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    install preware and use the virtual keyboard patch that is free and doesn't open a new card.
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    i tried it, nahh

    physical keyboard ftw!
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    NO! Definitely not. I hate it. The reason is because it sometimes glitches and won't go away which forces it to close the card it's in. Also, the keyboard doesn't utilize multitouch so you have to type slowly. The only virtual keyboard I can type on comfortably and quickly is the Zune HD's keyboard.
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    why pay for a cheap one when u can get a pretty damn good one for free through preware, i use it every now and then for short replies and when im typing on flat surfaces
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    I don't recommend it, it is slow and buggy
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    it works, and it's virtual. I have installed it a few times, but I was never able to use it consistently, and I always had trouble uninstalling it which caused me to doctor the phone. If you must have a virtual keyboard, it works, although it has been hit and miss for me, But I'm biased towards physical keyboards, and I find it just as easy to slide open the pre and use the phys keyboard.
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    The physical keyboard is best. The V/keyboard is good for typing in landscape or quick replys. It would be better if it worked with autocorrect and auto caps! Other then that is nice to have both.
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    I liked it...however I can't download it any longer ever since we started getting all the latest updates! Have no idea why I can't download from Preware. I haven't tried using WebOS 3.01for that...if it's even available as a download on Quick Install...have to check.

    I also had a hard time getting rid of the virtual keyboard until I realized that you had to use the meta-tap to get rid of it... by swiping NOT tapping..Lol

    I wish they'd come out with a better one because when I'm in landscape mode and using the web, I don't really like having to flip back just to open the keyboard in portrait view... But it's not THAT big a deal...just would be added value..

    As a matter of fact, there are quite a few patches I became used to that no longer will download on my Pre since the latest updates! Anyone else getting error messages when trying to download patches?? It's first for me to get ANY error message...let alone so many.
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    I have tried everything to get VK working. Used to work before all the upgrades, have read everything and followed instructions. Can install but
    not make it work.

    I'm not trying anymore until newest upgrade since I have to get all patches off first, but really miss this for short replies.

    FYI, there is a good post, you must plug your phone in to use USB, remove VK files, reset, and then redownload. Again, didn't work for me, but would
    definitely use to remove any old files that conflict before you start reloading.
    That is my plan after 1.4 upgrade.
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    I think it is obvious that Palm is dedicated to dedicated keyboards.

    However, the only way to tell if the VKB is worth it is to install it and try for yourself! I tried and didn't like it at all, but that doesn't mean you won't fall in love with it!
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    Thanks, but You guys say it opens a card? Also I dont want to get in all that preware stuff because of all the troubles I hear about it. Like during updates.. some say preware kills your battr fast.
    Live the Pre life.
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    I installed purely for the purposes of being able to use the VK to find a contact for a phone conversation. I hate having the keyboard open when I'm talking on the phone so it is annoying to have to open it to find the contact I want and then close it for the phone conversation.
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    Its great because my hard cover on my Pre (the one from Sprint) doesn't allow me to flip out the keyboard while charging, and when I need to use the keyboard for something and can't use physical, theres VK.

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