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    I am a very happy Sprint Pre user. My company will now pick up the tab on a sprint or verizon plan. Is the pre plus a better phone? Ignore the providers, is it worth the headache of swtiching? Specifically the speed.
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    I dont like how they took the gesture button away. I like mine they way it is and 8GB is more then enough for me. So unless you need the larger storage sticking with what you have is my opinion.
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    Alot better!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by etrade18 View Post
    Alot better!!!!
    What exactly is better minus the storage?
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    how important is the 512mb ram? Also, do my purchases in app catelog travel with me?
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    You keep the apps you purchased. They are tied to your Palm Profile.

    If you get the "Too many cards open" message a lot on your Sprint Pre; You might wanna switch to the Plus.

    With the increased ram, it can handle a lot more apps open at the same time.
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    For an average use I would say probably not much....

    I have a Pre w/Sprint and husband has Pre + w/Verizon. I actually get better signal than he does at our house. We are both still very much newbies using ours and we can't tell that much different.

    His apps open just like mine open and usually at the exact same time.
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    For the average user, no. Not TOO much difference. But if you believe there's no difference at all in performance between the Pre and Pre Plus, go here:
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    My guess is in some short time, Sprint will either get the Pre Plus or the 'Pre2' before Vzw. Also, you'll get SprintNAV included and can get MyTether working on it....don't know if your employer would pick-up VZ Navigtor and MobileHotSpot.

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