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    Hi, I would like to ask if anybody knows some patch or sw to get data go off while phone is on idle, exactly as it does for wi-fi.
    This would save a lot the battery in case someone don't check mail automatically.....
    the only way is to switch it off and on manually, or is there some automatic trick out there?

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    you can turn your data off from the phone apps preferences. You still receive texts.
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    There isn't yet. Put in a patch request in the patches forum and I'm sure it will get done. I like this idea.
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    Yes there is. Quick System Tasks allows you to toggle all kinds of stuff on and off, including data.
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    it doesn't seem to allows to set data to go off when screen goes off....
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    you can turn your data off from the phone apps preferences. You still receive texts.
    hes looking for a way for it to go on and off automatically. so when you pick up your phone you dont have to turn data on, use phone, and turn data back off. i have thought about this as well. Turn on screen, data goes on, turn off screen, data goes off. good call. suggest it.
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    I have my emails set to check every 30 minutes.
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    it doesn't seem to allows to set data to go off when screen goes off....

    It kinda flies in the face of what the cloud is all about, doesn't it ?

    Part of the attraction of the Pre, for me, is that it can seamlessly (more or less) switch from one network to another and keep the data connections up all the time so that it's constantly in sync with my other devices.

    Switching off radios is going to introduce lag. as it has to exchange data with the cloud when I pick it up to do a simple task like checking diary or looking up contacts.
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    I see that now. Interesting.

    I think that the data on and off thing is slightly buggy, anyway. Often I have to reboot in order to get my data back on after turning it on and off with a quick switch.

    Leaving the Data on doesnt drain my battery much unless i have messenger open. I even have my gmail on push.

    Oh well
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    I don't notice much of a difference with or without data now. As long as I'm not using it, the battery drain is very small, and when I do it is minor.

    If you want to stop using the data while idle then simply turn off email updates and sms entirely, and don't keep polling applications open when your not using them.
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    well, my problem with drain battery is irrespective of apps or email checks. i have manual mail check and i keep no cards open, so the only thing that can drain battery is data connection. when 3g is off in fact the battery lasts so much longer. maybe it's only my pre?
    however, there are many patches who do the data on and off, also in the device menu u can add a line for it, so one doesn't need to open programs but just to click on the easy.
    but still, if there was an option to switch on and off connection automatically depending on one using or not the phone, then it'd be nice to have it. sync is pretty fast when connection goes on, so not that much lag i'd say in the info, unless one has hundreds of changes going on...

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