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    I was using a friend's Rumor last night when a call came in. There were several choices, 1 answer, 2 ignore, 3 ignore with a text (or something like that). I selected the third and the phone stopped ringing and sent a text to the caller. I tried it by calling his phone with my Pre and indeed a text was sent that said would call back later.
    Is there a way to do this with the Pre? Apparently this is common on other phones.
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    Not yet, but it was available on the Centro I used before switching to the Pre. It is a very useful feature and hope it comes to webOS soon.
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    @jdod thats good news, I think it is a pretty nifty feature.

    Another feature I didn't know I wanted
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    I loved this feature of the old Palm OS and it needs to be imported to the webOS!
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    I do miss SharkMsg. I would love to have that for the Pre
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    could we get this with a preware patch maybe?
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    I miss this from my Centro, too. Good call on this one!! I'd love to see this on my Pre, especially with programmed and editable responses!!
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    this was discussed as a possible app before but the api hooks into messaging weren't available yet...this would be a great feature, including the ability to have any unanswered calls get a text back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcpowercat View Post
    this would be a great feature, including the ability to have any unanswered calls get a text back.
    There used to be a PalmOS app (maybe one of the ones mentioned upthread) that would automatically send a pre-set text to the caller if the call went unanswered. I always thought that would be handy in a class/work/shower situation. Would be great to see it on WebOS.
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    its pretty easy to go to call history and type a quick reply. i don't see why it shouldn't be possible with a patch.
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    Its these simple practical features that Old Palm Web OS had that PRE Should have included out of the Box.

    It makes no sense that Palm removes useful features or fails to include features that were basic in Palm OS
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    why has Palm seemingly taken so many steps back??? I feel like almost every time someone mentions a feature here there are countless "Oh I loved that feature on my [insert old palm device here]" responses. Whats with that?

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