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    I WANT...NOW! The tech behind it is so cool. So far its only on iPhone. . Just heard about it from Macbreak Weekly. Here is a . Looks great and would love to have this on webOS.
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    That's amazing. Imagine it integrated with the calendar. "Siri please cancel my 2:00 meeting on Thurs" ect. Very cool stuff. Wonder how well it works in the real world, and how their going to make $$ of of it.
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    haha I loved how siri was like "yeah heres a taxi" when he acted like he was drunk.
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    with all this tech now a days i've always wondered if someone was working on this, it would be so convinent, and i would def shell out the bucks, if it worked almost perfect.
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    That is a pretty slick app. I would love to see something like that on the pre.

    I really like the bit at the end where it understands drunk talk lol
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    the pre can't dial a phone number via voice, this is not happening anytime soon.
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    BUMP want!

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