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    Also, what about Verizon's Pixi Plus that comes with the Pre as BOGO offer? Does it have the Touchstone back cover installed out of the Verizon box?

    I'm getting a new Pre (for me) and Pixi (for my wife) tomorrow and want to order the Touchstone(s) today. Just don't know if I need to buy the backcovers, too?
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    The Pre+ comes standard with a Touchstone compliant battery cover.
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    Yes. detailed in article at ZDNET (CES 2010: Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus arrive on Verizon with Wi-Fi hotspot ability, 3D gaming in tow | The Toybox | which states:"..The new Palm Pre Plus comes with a Touchstone Back Cover for support for the Touchstone charging dock, sold separately..."
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    the Pre comes with it. the Pixi does not.

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