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    Ahhhh finally i found a problem with this magnificent phone. It seems that the phone has no problems connecting to my blootooth in my car but for soem reason, it has problems dialing out. It will say connecting indefintiely. When i look at the phone it seems that it stays locked and when i unlock, the dialer is up but no number is being dialed.

    Any suggestions? I have had 4 other phones linked to this system with zero problems, including a horrific winmo phone.
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    I'm not clear on the problem ... is the phone already connected to the BT when you try to dial? If not, then I would try making sure it's "connected" first and then dial.

    Also, I assume this is a built-in car kit, not just a headphone? FWIW, there seemed to be several car kits that WebOS didn't work well with to start, but Palm has been addressing those specific systems in the upgrades. You might try searching for Bluetooth problems and/or your specific manufacturer in the forums here. If you don't see it here, you might try the Palm support forums ... that seems like a more direct line to Palm to try to get a specific bug/issue fixed.
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    No it connects and remains connected to the blue tooth. I see the bars right on my Nav screen. But it hangs on dialing the number. It worked fine before and now suddenly it stopped. And you are correct its a factory intergrated bluetooth syste,
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    Have you tried un-pairing and re-pairing the Pre? Go into the Bluetooth Preferences on your Pre and side-swipe your car (hehehehehe) to delete it, then go into your car kit's Bluetooth settings and delete the Pre. (May as well get things cleaned up on both ends.) Then re-pair the two and see if the problem hasn't gone away... (and hopefully it will have!)

    Edit: Depending on your car, you may have to reboot the radio after removing the Pre from it's paired devices by turning your key off (and opening your car door if you have one of those annoying cars that leaves the radio on until you get out) and then turning the key back to the accessory position. I know the Alpine KCE-350BT needs this after changing some of it's Bluetooth settings...
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