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    Greets all,

    I've gotten myself into an issue that I'm not sure how to get out of. I installed a theme on my Pre thru Preware that wasn't complete (buttons missing, etc.)... realizing my mistake I removed the them thru Preware as well, but now I am left with no icons on my launcher. The apps are still there, just can't see them.

    When you pull up the launcher, you get a plain gray screen, no icons. It is the same if you type in anything from the main home screen. I figured I would try a "partial erase" to see if it would fix it, so using the ActiveCard Beta app, I got "device info" to launch and performed the partial erase. Unfortunately, this didn't help... same result.

    To make matters worse, the Pre is NOT in dev mode . So, WebOS QuickInstall will NOT see it. It is on at the moment, running on Sprint.

    P.S. As insult to injury, the partial erase removed the activecard beta, so now I cannot customize the launch menu in that program... which pretty much removes the ability to pull up any other app that isn't already set in that program.

    Any help is appreciated... thanx in advance!
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    what about doctoring the device?
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    so your phone wasn't in dev mode when you installed a theme?
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    To reset follow this post:
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    This is why I do not turn off Dev mode..
    I hope that link ^^ helps you.. EPR??? -- can epr (emergency patch recovery still work through preware?)
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    I assume Preware is gone with the Partial Erase so no EPR option. (Yes EPR still does work in PreWare I used it two days ago.) Does the Universal Search still work can you type an app name and launch it that way? If so "Device Info" then you could try full erase. Without Dev Mode you should still be able to get USB Drive to back up your files first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    so your phone wasn't in dev mode when you installed a theme?
    Correct... if you install the theme thru PreWare on the phone, the phone does not need to be in dev mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by bcroft
    To reset follow this post:
    ^Bcroft, you saved my life!!!! Well, you atleast saved my Pre hehe. WebOS DR worked, took about 20 minutes to complete. Thank you so much!

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    this is why i have personally stopped using themes, until palm supports them and has a system in place for making themes, currently i think there are 2 different methods. well anyway either make your own themes or stay away. Themes killed my inner child.

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