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    Okay, couldn't find any info on this. I'm going to Mexico in April...won a trip (yay!). Is my Pre going to function as a phone there? I had a piece of crap Samsung phone on Sprint service last year when I went to Cancun and it worked fine. This trip is to Cabo San Lucas....just not sure if I can use the phone function on this device because I thought I read something almost a year ago that said it wouldn't work outside of the USA...anyone know?
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    if you have a CDMA pre, then no... If Im not wrong there is GSM in Mexico
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    it'll work depending on the city.


    whether or not it's cost effective is another story.
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    You should be fine in Cabo. Mexico has quite a bit of CDMA.
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    Mine worked in Cozumel, but Bell up here has all their CDMA phones blocked there to discourage theft. When I called them, I had to tell them exactly where I was going and when to ensure that it would work when I got there... I don't know if Sprint does the same, probably not if your old Samsung 'just worked'.
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    Sprint has a month fee for international coverage and it is not too expensive I think.

    Suggest to visit your Sprint store
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    Sprint and international is a problem. There are several options in Mexico. If calling to border towns there is a plan for that but if in let's say Mexico City then you are roaming and paying $2.99/minute. There is no plan for that and without a SIM card in the CDMA phones you aren't going to change it.

    Call Sprint customer service and they will fill you in on international travelling. I travelled to Mexico a bunch for my job for the last 3 years and I tried to stay away from using my personal cell down there.
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    In Mexico we have Pre in GSM by 'Telcel' and in CDMA flavor by 'Iusacell'
    I have a CDMA and it works perfectly, 3g and all, although I am not paying any roaming for obvious reasons.
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    I can confirm that both flavors of the Pre work in Mexico.

    Voice coverage is pretty much nationwide provided by local partners (Iusacell for Sprint and Telcel for... who has the GSM flavor in the USA?).

    As far as data, both carriers have blanket coverage for 1x and Iusacell has 3GRevA coverage in most cities (here's the Iusacell roaming site for international users, including coverage map). Data speed is a bit on the slow side, with DL tests clocking in averages in the 400-500 Mbps range.

    I can't vouch for the Telcel network, since I'm a CDMA user, but here's the international visitors page for Telcel.

    In both cases, Cabo is listed as covered for both voice and 3G data.
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    i went to mexico city during Christmas vacation...they have an unlimited data plan for 40 bucks....but minutes its 2 bucks a minute....
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    Quote Originally Posted by konstantin.neo View Post
    In Mexico we have Pre in GSM by 'Telcel' and in CDMA flavor by 'Iusacell'
    I have a CDMA and it works perfectly, 3g and all, although I am not paying any roaming for obvious reasons.
    Hey man, I'll be working in Queretaro this summer. I was there last summer and had a cheap nokia on Telcel. I see you said I could use my U.S. Pre on Iusacell.

    I never heard of that, only Telcel and Movistar.

    Well anyway, I remember that most of my friends had Telcel since they will charge you more minutes if talk to non Telcel numbers. Also how does Iusacell work with your U.S. Pre without sim card?
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    Okay, thanks for all the responses! So let's say it does work...does the Voxophone app make it cheap for me to call? Isn't that what the app is for? I don't know a ton about it but they gave me a number with a Houston area code to call when out of the country and I thought it was less than a dollar a minute....
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    Don't get kidnapped.
    Hope not....that would cut into my Tequila time!
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    When you land in Cabo you'll receive a friendly "Welcome to Mexico!" text message.

    Check with Sprint about charges and Mexico plans. Your phone will work great but remember the pre is a web centric phone that constantly synchs and updates email, sms, and contacts. Simply having the phone on might cost you an arm and a leg in data roaming. Sprint should have some easy answers.
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    I travel to Mexico city a lot and I had a Pre (now EVO 4G, waiting for a new palm phone). Sprint has an international unlimited data add-on ($40 a month or prorated) to use the internet. Iusacell is the CDMA carrier there and they have coverage pretty much in every city, unless its a little tiny town you might be S.O.L. For voice you will be charged 1usd per minute for incoming calls and 1+long distance or other charges for outgoing (very expensive in my opinion).

    The last time I traveled about a month ago, Sprint told me that I could send and recieve SMS but it doesnt really work.

    I hope this helps.
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    I live in Mexico and have a Palm Pre from Telcel and one from AT&T. Both work fine in Mexico. My question is, if I buy a UK Pre 3, will it work in Mexico as does the Pre. I understand the frequencies may be an issue in US and MExico.

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