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    Does anyone know of a fix for this? When I hang up a call, the display goes completely black, even with the battery fully charged. I tap the button to wake up the phone, and nothing happens. I hold down the button to turn off the phone and then start it up again, and nothing happens. I slide out the keyboard and put it back, nothing. I push the card button, nothing. I push the enter button and the space bar and nothing. Nothing makes the display light up again... until I either get another call or I put the phone on the Touchstone or plug it in to charge. Not very convenient! Any help would be appreciated.
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    If you have recently added any patches, check with those. Also, if you have that temporary plastic cover that comes with the Pre, remove it. It gets dirty and grimy which causes the proximity sensor to go buggy.
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    No patches, no temp cover. I found out today that if I shake the phone the display turns back on. I can't imagine that I'm going to have to shake the phone after every call. Anyone know a fix to this?
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    I assume you've tried simply restarting the phone.

    try a partial erase (device info, reset option)

    if that does not work, you might need a new phone.
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    I think the proximity censor in the front is busted. Pretty common. Swap out the phone time.
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    i get a similar problem too, but my screen goes black during a call and then comes back after i keep on tapping the front or pressing firmly on the back cover....

    anyone knows why its doing this?

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