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    Hey , i dropped my phone power button popped off and i cannot locate it....,

    what do i do now....can i buy that button and can i install it wiouth tools?
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    If you're on Sprint, take it to a Sprint store and see if they can do anything for you.

    If not, give Palm a call and they'll send you a replace button, probably for free. It should snap right on if you didn't break anything.
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    If you have the replacement insurance, you can probably get the whole phone replaced for the deductible. That's if Palm or Sprint won't just sell you a button, or fix it for you. The Sprint store you go to has to be a designated service store, any old retail store won't do it for you.
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    The button wouldn't be an orderable part that Palm can sell to fix the device for you. Possibly a Sprint service center might be of assistance since they do repairs on the spot.
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