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    I use the free version of Switcharoo from Preware so that I can choose my own directory of images. But you cannot select more than one directory and subfolders are not included. As a result I've got one folder with almost 1200 images and it feels like it may be affecting some aspects of the phones performance. Could this be the case?
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    The more and more you add no matter what you are going to be impacting performance.

    The easiest test is to remove the pictures and do a performance comparison. I'd love to tell you the number that is going to be perfect for you, but really it's a user discretion type of thing.

    Being the patient person I am I'm more willing to deal with a lag than some snappier people.
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    It hasn't gotten anywhere near the point where I am getting impatient with it. But you can definately tell.

    I am also restarting alot more often (every 2 days minimum, as opposed to once or twice a week.) Because there are so many images I have it set to change every 15 minutes. Really eats up the ram after awhile, begging for a restart. I can definately deal though. Or at least search for a middle ground.

    Besides... I came to the Pre after being on Winmo for years. Even a sluggish Pre is better and more fun to use.

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