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    I was under the impression once I set an alarm to go off at a certain time (mon-fri) that's all that was needed.

    It seemed to work that way (at least I think) when I first got me pre. Since then the alarm has been so unreliable that I gave up on using it.

    Now after playing with it for awhile it seems I must reset the alarm so the alarm icon displays in the bottom notification area.

    If the alarm icon is not displayed it will not work?

    Kind of defeats the whole idea of setting the alarm (mon-fri) if I must go back in everyday to make sure the icon is displayed.
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    Don't know what the problem may be, but the alarm icon in the notification area is irrelevant. I routinely swipe it off.

    The alarm should work every day with no further action on your part.

    I suppose I would try removing the alarm, rebooting, then resetting the alarm. Don't know if that would help, though.
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    I've had problems with the alarm clock since day one. Most nights I have to leave the icon in the notification area in order for it to work, which like you mentioned, defeats the purpose of having a "Daily" feature.

    If I receive - which I always do - emails at night when I'm asleep I can count on the alarm not working. In fact, it's gotten to the point where everyday I wake up paranoid that the alarm won't work and that I'll be late for work. This is my new internal alarm - Paranoia over a stupid phone alarm malfunctioning then waking up in order to make sure it does.

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    Strange. Mine goes off M-F whether or not there's an email sitting there in the morning.

    Have you tried what japark suggested?
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