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    Hey guys, so the power button stopped functioning. I've had this phone since June, so i dont think i can get it replaced. I've tried the paper fix and it didn't work. I was wondering if there is a patch that turns on the phone when u press on the home button. I would also appreciate any other fixes. It really sucks having to slide the phone to turn it on.. ughh!
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    go to sprint and theyll fix it if you have insurance
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    Sprint can't fix it. This just happened to me about two weeks ago. You can press it really hard and it will work without breaking any thing. Or you can take it to sprint and they will get you a refurb shipped to their store for free, IMO even without TEP. To be fair I also had several dead pixels and the battery space issue.
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    The answer is Yes there is an easy way to fix this and No don't waste your time with insurance or a Sprint store.

    See this post:

    Specifically look at "yordikins" post, he has step by step instructions. Its one of the most common problems with Pre hardware and easily the most fixable.

    I do not recommend using tape or glue however...use a tiny piece cut from a rubber band.

    Fixed mine 2 months ago and its working better than the day I bought it.
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    thanks foosball, i'll give it a try and post back.

    Update: that rubber band trick works well enough for the button to register. also, is it normal for the button to stick out a bit? i'm afraid it might come off.
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    Just tried the rubberband trick and it works better. I'm going to try a different thickness & width to see if it can get better. Thanks for the link.

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