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    Hey All,

    I just wanted to post how much the Palm Pre is such a helpful phone. I have had 3 times in the last couple of weeks were it has really helped me or someone else out. Here are the three examples that happened to me recently…

    Wife went to the store to do the grocery shopping for the week. It is a good drive with lots of traffic. She got to the store and called me very upset….she forgot the shopping list! I told her to just give me a minute and I would get it to her. I found the list on the counter, a couple of photos with my Pre, within seconds I then sent them to her Pre. She got it and could read it very clearly. Needless to say she was happy and got the shopping done.

    I had a tooth go bad on me. I was in some serious pain. I had an emergency visit scheduled with my dentist. He saw me and referred me back to a specialist I had seen several years before. They even called his office and told them I was on my way. He asked if I knew were I was going (and being a man) I thought I did. So the specialist is waiting for me and I got totally lost on the way. He is in a small town outside of the city where I live and I did not remember my way. I must admit, I was in pain, ****ed off and a little scared. I then remembered my dentist happen to give me the specialist’s card on the way out of his office. I also remembered that I had Sprint Navigation! I plugged the address from the card into my Pre and within 15 minutes I was at his office (from were I was lost). They even asked when I went into the office…”Did you have any problems finding us?” Me…”No, not really.”

    Then today, I stopped by a convenience store to get a much need alcohol beverage that comes in cans on my way home. When I got to the counter it was just me, the store owner and two other customers. The two other customers were an elderly woman and her adult daughter. They were looking to buy a map and asking the owner directions. Well I have been to this store many times and the owner (who does not speak the greatest of English) asked if I could help. I could tell the women were very nervous and a little scare themselves. They were not from the area and lost. So I ran to my car and grabbed my Pre. Within a few minutes I was able to not only tell them where they needed to go, but show them too. Needless to say they were very thankful.

    Now I know many are reading this thinking…Well come on, any smart phone can do those things. True, but the Pre and WebOS made everything so easy….

    First one. Well the camera was able to take good pictures at a relatively close range (without focus). On my wife’s end, she was able to simply tap on the picture from the text and see full view. From there she was able to use the pinch gesture to enlarge and shrink the screen with ease to read it. Nice touch!

    Second one. Just a bargain. I would not have normally used the navigation (which before that I never did), but it was nice to have and not pay anything more for that privilege through Sprint. Plus I had my phone plugged into my car stereo so I could listen to Pandora while it was guiding me to my destination. All over my car speakers with no hands required! Nice safety feature.

    Third one. I had to run to my car to get the phone to help the ladies out. It was plugged into my stereo and paused on a good song I was listening to. I was able to shrink the card (did not interrupt my song) open the key pad and simply type Google Maps and hit enter. Within seconds it pulled up a map of the area we were (even a dot marking our location). I was able to again use the simple pinching gesture to zoom in and out to give not only wide shots of the area (for bearings), but also zoom in close for detailed exits. Then when I was done, I plugged my phone back into my stereo and started the song I had paused. That’s just awesome!

    So I know many of you may have similar stories, I wanted to post some my recent ones to point out how much I love this phone.

    Do any of you have a Pre Good Samaritan Story?
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    No good samaritan story, BUT:
    I still haven't shown my wife the Sprint Nav just so she thinks i know where i'm going (I hide it in the door pocket facing up towards me- ).
    Yep, us guys will never admit when we need directions.
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    Those are some heartwarming stories

    We had many times in our vacation to Florida that we had no internet access or GPS so it was my Pre that helped us out in navigation and I also used Yelp for finding us a good chinese dinner!
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    I was at a meeting in Redbank NJ with some colleagues - including one that hired a car with the Hertz 'Neverlost' GPS.

    I assume the name is a joke at after ten minutes or so we realized it was sending us in circles - not what you want be involved in on the way to the airport.

    So I pull out the Pre and instantly we have sensible turn-by-turn directions.

    Now here's the thing - any smartphone could probably do the same thing. Now I have a Garmin in my car that I normally use, so there's no way I'd be paying for on-phone GPS but, as Sprint doesn't charge for it I had GPS when I really needed it.
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    Great story, but I'm just not buying the whole "I left it in the car" thing. Is it possible? I've had my Pre for exactly 1 week now and I can't seem to put it down, there always seems to be some reason to be using it.

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