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    i'll try to do that, I hope it works!
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    I know this will sound strange, but for mine to get connected and seen by Q.I., whenever I first plug mine into the USB, I have to go to USB mode first. Then eject it. Then it is usually fine. I just got this new computer and never had to do this on my old one, but this one, that is the steps I must take. Without these steps, I get the plug in your device and hit okay popup.
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    I'll try to do that!
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    thank u
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    using Webosdoctor can help us solve this problem
    1. u can connect normal on other PC.
    => ur palm, ur cable is good!
    run WebOsDocter, (dont plug in ur palm) wait for install novacond and wait for connect palm. connect ur palm (dont click next) that's all u need to be solved.
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    Bad USB Cable; Some cables will charge and not sync with missing data lines.
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