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    I have been having issues with gDial Pro not updating the voicemail when it is supposed to so I have been in contact with the support staff. Just now I got this message back from them


    gDial Pro is currently not working. We apologize for this. After the latest update is appears that Google made some changes that affect the way we communicate with them. We are hoping to resolve this issue but unfortunately there is no way to give a time frame on the fix.

    We will notify you when the problem is resolved.


    gDial Pro

    So if you are having issues, then this is the answer.
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    Makes sense, I'm getting that unable to get google token message every time it tries to auto-update.

    Oddly enough though, I can still view messages when I do the manual update, But calls and such are broken for sure.

    Or its just me... :S
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    Not just you co1e
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    Same problem here. Uable to make calls

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