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    The first 2 days after installing 1.3.5, my phone had terrible battery life. But after about 2 days, it went back to normal. I'd recommend just giving it a few days and seeing if it improves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDash View Post
    The first test I would do is leave only the phone radio on 1xRTT (use the patch or whatever) and see if you get a good amount of hours first.
    Why would I do this if I know that turning Wifi off already results in only 4% per hour battery usage? The phone's data connection isn't causing it. I'm sure I've narrowed it down to the Wifi. I'm just going to leave it off until the patch. Should only be a few days away anyhow.

    P.S. Not trying to threadjack here, just assuming you were responding to me.
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    I'm having an issue...seems when I'm NOT using the phone and have everything turned off (wifi bt and messenger) I still get profound battery drain. I took it off the charger in the middle of the night with 100%. I woke up a few hours later and it was at 60%. What gives?? I only received one text and one e-mail alert while I was sleeping.
    That doesn't seem normal to me.
    Any suggestions? I was just about to say "screw it" and get the extended battery. I can't be away from a charger for more than a few hours without the battery totally dying on me.
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    wow . guess it is my turn . i luv the pre. but the battery is dying in 4 hours no matter what. if i leave all bt,wifi,ect.. on only 4 hours. no home brew yet im still reading about my battery issues..4 hours.. if i turn it on airplane mode same thing 4-5 hours max. it used to last a whole day with no usage no calls,text,or data usage at phone is flashed to a different carrier. just to let you know..i updated to 1.3.5 my beloved battery only last 4-5 hours max no matter what...after reading all of your helpful post im going to attempt to recalibrate the battery and report back. i appreciate any suggestions. also i noticed my screen will not stay off no matter what(forgive me if i violate any post rules)after i hit the lock(power button to make the lcd inactive aka sleep. not turning off the pre) button. it turns off the screen for a moment then it comes back on, then it turns off again. about 1 or 2 times per minute...thank you...
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    went to bed last night with 100% charge, woke up 10 hours later received 3 emails and 4 text messages wifi off, bt off twee and facebook open, bettery was at 76%. I don't seem to be having the issues that you guys are having.
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