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    Will Sprint replace your Pre if you have oreo? My phone has it. Not too bad, but it makes a clicking noise and it's been bothering me. I tried searching for something on it already in the forums, but I couldn't find it. Plus, I'm not sure how to search really well. Haha. But I hope so because I'm going to go to Sprint today and I want a new Pre if they can replace it because of the oreo. On top of that, it keeps shutting off. Thanks!
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    It truly depends upon the staff you talk to at the store. I've been to a couple stores near me and the first were absolute jerks about it... so I went to a second where they exchanged it for me. You may need to visit a couple locations to find a helpful rep, and establish a good relationship with that store. I went back and bought some extras from the guy who helped me out and he was totally happy about that. Some reps will tell you that it's normal for your Pre to do that, others will simply help you out.
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    you care more about the oreo than you do about the random shutting off of the phone?

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    If you have the insurance then skip the stores. Go to Sprint's website and request a replacement. The whole process takes 10 minutes and you have a new phone free of charge the next day usually.
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    if you've had the phone for less than 30 days you can return it for any reason.
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    where at the sprint website do you submit issues if you have insurance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yman182 View Post
    where at the sprint website do you submit issues if you have insurance?
    it's dead.

    Dear Valued Sprint Customer:

    Thank you for your interest in Sprint's Self-Service Phone Replacement web tool. The web tool was decommissioned on December 11, 2009. Your phone repair needs can now be met through one of the following methods:

    * All customers can visit a Phone Repair Center to have their handset diagnosed and solution provided. To locate the nearest Sprint Phone Repair Center visit and select Phone Repair Center Search.

    * Corporate-liable customers also have the option of getting phone repair support by contacting Care.

    o Business Customers can call our Premier Care solutions groups by dialing *2 from your handset or at 800-927-2199.

    o Business/Government accounts with an assigned representative can contact their respective Dedicated Care Specialist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    you care more about the oreo than you do about the random shutting off of the phone?

    No but I've already gotten it checked for the random shutting off & they didn't do anything about it. They said they fixed it but didn't do anything. So I was wondering if they would switch it because of oreo. =)
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    Just so you guys know. If yu have any homebrew apps or patches or themes, they will say that the reason why your phone was "acting up" was because of those. I know that's not always true, but they say it is. So make sure you have a stock Pre. And if you have oreo & your phone freezes/shuts off & you have a crack on the side of the top half of the phone you can tell them that the reason it's cracking is because oreo & that's another reason why it freezes & shuts off. They said they ordered a new Pre for me & to go back in a couple of days to pick it up. Haha. So I'm happy I'm getting a new Pre. Thanks for you guy's help!! =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    No way!!!! That is total crap! The closest repair centers for me are an hour away, this method worked great. Not happy at all.

    Thanks for the input though.
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    Just curious, do you actually call it oreo when you're talking to the Sprint reps in the store?

    Mine got really bad last November, severe oreo with a large gap and clicking when closed. I disassembled the two halves of the phone and made an adjustment to the two metal "ears" that the top two screws thread into. It's been perfect ever since.

    Mine is a company phone so I was not too worried about breaking the warranty seal.
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    I didn't. I just said the two halves of the phone are twisting. Then I showed him & he took it to the dudes for service & repair. Came back an hour later & they said they'll replace it to come back in 2 days & they will have a new one.

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