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    I've been waiting for flash and video recording since this phone has come out.
    But can it handle it?
    I love this phone but sometimes I feel like it is very sluggish.

    Ever since I got 3d games, my phone just loves being a little too slow.

    So while I agree this phone is feature packed, the speed of the phone really hurts and I feel that this should be the #1 thing to work on after 1.4.

    I only have 4-5 patches (this could be the cause of it actually) and about 10-15 non-stock apps. No theme. What did I do to hurt my pre's speed?

    Even when I restart my Pre, it sometimes ends out being laggy.
    Other times it's very snappy. I have no idea what this phone is doing half the time.
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    I know what you mean. The lag was killing me a couple of weeks ago. Last week though the Youview app and quick install crashed my phone. I had to use the Doctor to reset it. I imediatly noticed all the lag was gone. The fresh install had if flying. Ive installed all the stuff I had before and its still doing good. I think they need more work on memory dedication and file storage. Its like when you PC is running slow and you do a defrag of the hard drive.
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    My lag has gradually gotten worse but not enough to doctor the phone. But I do have a question. It took me some time to realize that emails that I wiped off the phone instead of sending were actually stored somewhere, that I had to actually physically delete them. Since I have three email accounts, I expect I have a bunch of useless partial emails I'd like to clean out. Is there any way to figure out where they are, and how to delete them?
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    I notice my Pre is the most lagging when I'm in the most hurry to use it. I've installed the reboot Scheduler app from Preware to reboot the phone at 3am everyday. Hope it helps.
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    It seems so random for me. Sometimes the phone lags so much, for hours or days, then suddenly everything is super smooth and snappy, no lag whatsoever, which can go for hours or days as well. I don't get it. Like right now my phone's in "smooth mode".

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