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    For the last week or so I've been getting messages on my Pre about it not being able to connect to my we mail. Most of the time it is to my hotmail account, but now it is starting to do it to my gmail account too. But when I click the refresh button, everything is fine. This will happen about once or so a day. Yahoo mail seems to be fine. Anyone else out there experiencing this?
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    I just experienced this with Hotmail not 10 minutes after writing the first post. I had checked all 3 accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail) and everything was working normally. I received the "unable to connect" error related to Hotmail, but when I hit the refresh button it seemed to work. Then immediately went to my Yahoo account from my pre and sent an email to my Hotmail account. Worked just fine. Really strange. Is Sprint having problems?
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    I'm having the same problem with my hotmail accounts. Anyone know what's going on here???
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    Same thing happened for about 4 hours one day & then it seemed to resolve, I initially thought it was my location (in a concrete building/highrise) but it continued once I got outside.... No problems since then...and it was with Hotmail & Facebook....

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