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    just wonderd if u guys had thought about this or any other way 2 make calling from contacts easier?
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    they have apps for that

    puts your top ten or so contacts right there, push the pic and it calls.
    Pre be with you.

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    whats this app called?
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    i use and love "launchpoint"
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    Vbockius, I second the use of “LaunchPoint”. But you need a couple of patches too: Like the “Enable Add/Delete Pages” so you can create Launch Pages and “Name Pages In The Launcher”” so you can name them like “Call VIP” “Call Business Partners” “Call Friends” or even “Little Black Book”
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    ==> Pre: There's a patch for that!
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    where can i find this app?ive searched the app cat and searched on preload but cannot find it anywhere
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    its in the app store not the homebrew one, its 99 cents. i just searched and it the only one that pops up
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    i dont have access 2 them apps in uk

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