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    I am trying to update the No Auto Refresh After Idle patch and I keep getting a error message: error Updating: See IPKG LOG.

    When I click on the Log file it says:

    Nothing interesting

    patching file usr/pal/applications/
    Apply anyway? [no]
    skipping patch
    1 out of 1 hunk ignored- saving rejects to file usr/palm/applications/com.palm.browser/app/controllers/widget_webview.jsjsjs.$rej$

    Nothing Intresting

    ErrorGenericMethodException:failure during pre-remove script application.

    I cant remove it either, same error. I cant use EPR either, wont work. I just doctored my phone because it would not uppdate a similiar patch and I wanted to make sure everything was UDP (or whatever that new name is for patches you dont have to uninnstall).

    How can I fix this without having to doctor once again?
    Trying to give back for all the awesome help I have received. If anything I post is of any use, please hit the thanks button!
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    I am having same problem...haven't been able to apply any new patches in a while. Nothing else to add, just wanted to bump this up

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