View Poll Results: What 3-d game do you want next???

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  • N.O.V.A all the way!

    77 30.20%
  • Modern Combat!!!

    31 12.16%
  • More Puzzle Games

    14 5.49%
  • SOCCER!!!!!

    19 7.45%
  • A Tower defense game!

    77 30.20%
  • nothing, i just sit in my house and cry all day

    37 14.51%
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    If we do this it might send a message for the developers to send it over
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    louis, I find your enthusiasm to be admirable. I hope NOVA gets here soon for your sake.
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    its not for my sake, its more of that i'm curious to see what everyone else wants
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    Quote Originally Posted by louis6279 View Post
    its not for my sake, its more of that i'm curious to see what everyone else wants

    not when using the p|c mobile site, sorry.

    i'll try to remember to vote when I log in from a computer.
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    I want nova for the online multiplayer!
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    it's football!! :P
    i want more simple games, that are 3D but still easy to pick up and play with, like some sort of wack-a-mole stuff, but colourful too!
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    Nova IF it has online multiplayer.

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    well first off palm needs to fix the touch lag to make the games more enjoyable. It is definitely possible because if your phone is locked and you grab the puck thing it moves along with your finger very well. Its just the initial movement and in games withe the virtual joystick it is very annoying when precise movement is crucial to game play.

    but as for the vote i say nova as well
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    NOVA would be very anticipated... at least by me and everyone else I know that has a Pre, all 3 of us :P

    Seriously though, I bought Brothers in Arms, Asphalt 5, Let's Golf and Hero's of Sparta amongst the GameLoft games in hope's that Gameloft see's were serious about spending money on quality apps. I for one can't wait for the next game to hit. Let's hope its Nova with Multiplayer... I don't think I'd have enough battery for the amount of time I would spend on it!!!
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    Yeah yeah I know it won't happen
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    Crysis. -_-
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    You can also swipe a counterclockwise semi-circle around the center button to go back. [Do a back gesture]
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    I voted for soccer, but would prefer a basketball game.
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    Fable 2!

    I have it on my Xbox 360 since Christmas 2008, but I am always on the go so I haven't even started playing it yet, maybe I could get into it if I had it on the Pre? LOL. Fat Chance of that happening, after all, it's a Microsoft game, but maybe a game along those lines?

    Or how about some of those Monkey island style adventure games, they should be perfect for the touchscreen, that way controls should not be an issue at all!
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    i hope gameloft knows they have a loyal palm pre fan base
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    an official **** ZOMBIES!!!! Multiplayer
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    like **** zombies on the iphone?
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    I never played **** zombies on iphone imma have to look it up on youtube but I would love to have gameloft put this out fo webos!! The real deal..or anybody who can make it tight
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    diablo would be hot
    leisure suit larry too
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