View Poll Results: What 3-d game do you want next???

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  • N.O.V.A all the way!

    77 30.20%
  • Modern Combat!!!

    31 12.16%
  • More Puzzle Games

    14 5.49%
  • SOCCER!!!!!

    19 7.45%
  • A Tower defense game!

    77 30.20%
  • nothing, i just sit in my house and cry all day

    37 14.51%
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    a virtual rubix cube game would be cool
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    nothing today
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    That one dungeon crawler from gameloft.
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    anyone hear anything?
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    I know it's not a 3d game, but I would love to see Capcoms Super Puzzle Fighter. I'd gladly pay $9.99 for that.
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    I'd love some of the (admittedly non-3d and thus really not relevant to this thread) games that I loved on PalmOS, like Bejewelled, Chainz, etc. And no, the Bejewelled clones in the App Catalog don't quite do the job for me.
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    I would like to see Doodle Jump, Bejeweled, and Air Traffic Controller on the Pre. Also, and I think more importantly than games, Id like to see some more solid APPS from big time developers, like NBA Gamecast or whatever its called, and an all-in-one sports app from ESPN
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    Quote Originally Posted by big****t View Post
    NBA 2k or some sort of basketball game.
    also, Madden and a Baseball game would be amazing. HEY EA, this threads for you!
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    a snes emulator would be nice very entertaining games on that system. with a virtual joystick. uff. does anybody knows if the palm os5 emulator "classic" run the snes emulator for os5?
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    pocket chef, prince of persia, leisure suit larry, and some kind of rpg. like with upgrading skills and whatnot.
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    How about a damn port of Plants Vs zombies and Peggle for the Pre. They are awesome games and huge sellers on the istore. Are developers really THAT clueless?
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    I wanna see some fighting games...Bloody Roar would be awesome or any fighting game on a phone is cool at this point.

    Also I would be a very happy man if I could play Heavenly Sword on my phone.
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    Street fighter!!!!!!!
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    i want wipout ...any version
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    Tower Defense / Real Time Stratedy
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    maybe something like bloons 3, or whiteboard defense
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    how bout worms (i think it is 2D though) still it is a game i am wanting to see
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    I want a 3D Zelda on the Pre... and that will never happen
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    do you think gameloft would have sales on there games like did do with the iphone? Heroes of sparta was $.99 at one point. ...hmmm...
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    Any one try that one game?
    I think it's called FLASH,or video recorder...something like that.
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