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    About two months ago, my first Pre stopped getting a charge. I took it to the Sprint store, and told me that a connector had broken off and I would need a new phone. I have the insurance, and I was still charged a $100 deductible. I figured that plugging in my phone and unplugging fell under normal wear and tear, but I guess I was wrong. After I got in my replacement, I decided to take even more care of my phone. I purchased an innocase and a screen protector, and I still haven't dropped it or anything. I take my time when plugging it in, making sure that it is lined up correctly everytime I plug in the USB port.

    Three days ago, my phone stopped charging again. I took it to Sprint again and they told me the same thing had happened. I was wondering if anyone else had a problem like this. They are trying to get me to pay the deductible (that I was hesitant to pay in the first place) again. The store I went to is a franchise and not a corporate store. Does anyone think I will have better luck with a corporate store or perhaps I should try to contact Palm directly. If anyone could give me any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    corp and third party stores are same in this area, and at times 3rd party stores will look you out. what i would do is try to get CS to send you a phone over the mail. but if the port is showing signs of physical damage then yes it is a deductible. my advise get a touchstone.
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    go to a local store or call sprint if you beg them they can sometimes lower the price or give it to you for free.
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    I would think this is warrenty unless you're forcing it to break and I doubt it. I am currently having a problem with the charger working intermittenly. Sometimes it will work sometimes it wont sometimes if i plug it in and disconnect several times it will eventually work. I took it to the store and it worked for them so they told me there is nothing wrong but if it didn't work for them they would have ordered a replacement under warranty this was a corp store. I showed the sales rep how it worked on one of their chargers on the sales floor but when the techs did it it worked. So annoying. I was without a phone for an hour after I left the store because the battery died and would not charge.
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    Micro USB ports tend to be hard to work with at best. They have no tapered ends for the connection to be made easy. Nature of the beast I guess. I would also recommend you just get the Touchstone.
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    I was wondering if anyone else had a problem like this.

    Mine broke this past Monday...I upgraded to the EVO...and Boy is it an upgrade..
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    Haha, mine completely fell out..

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