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    Question, I saw in the Faq that when an update to Webos happens you must remove patches and themes. Does this idea include homebrew apps as well or just the patch from web quick install or preware. I guess what I am reading is to basically clear the phone completely out of all patches, homebrew apps and then do the install for new webos and then reinstall all of the patches and apps again. Can somebody clarify to me please?
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    You do not have to remove Homebrew apps. Also, all patches are now using AUPT (search for the thread), which means you no longer have to remove them if you install them with either Preware or webOS Quick Install. This became active about two weeks ago, so if you have installed your patches more recently they should be fine. If not, either go to Preware and update them or use WOSQI to uninstall and reinstall them and you will be fine. You DO have to remove your theme prior to updating, however.
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    Make sure you use the latest version of WOQI if you patch via usb. It came out about a week ago.
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    If you have the new and updated patches you don't have to remove anything and just install webos 1.4 normally
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    Well I just got my phone yesterday and installed the patches from webos install 3.01 ssume that everything should work just fine when I need to update. only thing I noticed is that the GNU has an update I have not run yet, but, after I installed the patch from webos quick install . I will go ahread and install the update asap.
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    Can I request that when we near an update like this that they place a sticky with this info in it? Those of use who've been around through all the updates have seen these posts over and over again. Now with a new batch of users through Verizon, it would be helpful to have a "What to do before the update" sticky thread.

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