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    I have a touch Diamond, and am looking for something new. Since sprint doesn't have anything worth signing a 2 yr contract for, I was looking into buying a Palm Pre off of ebay and then changing my contract over to the 450 min. everything plan. I have heard great things about WebOS, but have also heard complaints about the Pre's build quality. I like the design, but the keyboard part seems a little thin, are there any extended batteries that keep the smooth look, but also add a little thickness to it? Also how does the facebook app compare to WM's or

    Thanks for the helping me make an informed decision. And if I posted this in the wrong spot please move it. I am new here, so i hope i get a pass.
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    i would say it is worth the switch, the keyboard part isnt thin but if you really want the thickness there are plenty of extended batteries and i cannot comment on facebook never been big on that kind of stuff
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    I was on SERO for a long time, originally with the HTC Mogul, then I moved on to the HTC Touch Pro. Both of those phones made my life a living hell. I went through about five each and I could not stand the utter crap that was Windows Mobile. I thought about moving to the iPhone when that first came out but didn't want to give up my cheap plan. I contemplated it MANY times due to frustration over the phones I was using but I always used the cheap price of the plan as an excuse to deal with the frustration.

    As soon as the Palm Pre was announced, I KNEW that I was going to switch to it. I had hoped that SERO would be supported but when it was decided that it wouldn't be, I had no problem knowing I'd be paying extra on my bill.

    I have absolutely ZERO regrets about getting off the SERO plan and moving to the Pre. I love it.
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    I ditched my SERO plan and wish I could have ditched it sooner. Having a smartphone and the Pre specifically is almost like having a handheld notebook. If you get one on ebay you may want to look into getting one of those square-trade warranties although I can't vouch for them.

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