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    I know this isn't the first post about this subject but I was hoping somebody could give a decent solution and perhaps make this a STICKY post.

    I have a number of hacks installed using the Quick Installer, and things generally work well, except for when I try to run heavier apps, like 3D Games (Gangster for example). Even when no other app is on, 3D games will not work until I restart.

    These games take enough time to load, I DONT WANT TO RESTART EVERY TIME I WANT TO PLAY A 3D GAME.

    Are there specific hacks that we know cause these memory leaks?
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    I do a luna restart its quicker. Luna manager.
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    Java restart works too, or if you have JSTop, you can open the menu(top left hand) and do "garbage heap collect" or something and that works in seconds.
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    Not to belly-ache... but I've been getting this issue a LOT lately (never had it before). I love Palm, but this is EXACTLY the problem I had with my Treo's - having to restart them all the time. I don't know what it is with Palm, but I was really hoping this was an issue of the past... but it seems rebooting is a standard with them no matter what OS they come up with. /complaining
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    Agreed, especially since the phone has been out for some time now they should have this fixed.
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    For a long while, I wasn't getting the "too many cards" issue, but over the past couple of weeks it seems like it's gotten worse.
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    Ok, I'll bite. What's a luna restart, and what's a java restart? Are they faster than rebooting the phone.
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    Don't know if it's been posted before, but opening the web browser and deleting the cache, cookies and history works for me.

    That's what I do when getting the tmc and is faster
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    luna restart is restarting the linux operating system which is faster than a full restart which restarts the os and hardware. Java restart is like it says restarts the java script on the phone. Truthfully luna restart should get the job done but I always do a full restart just to know I have a fresh device.
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    It seems like the 3D games are causing memory leaks of some sort. It was rare that I'd get a "too many cards" pop up, but it's become a regular occurrence now.
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    JsTop app work better. Tap Garbage Collect Javascript Heap in the menu. BTW it is available in Preware.
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    I'm on my second refurb and this happens to me daily.. My first replacement was amazing, it had newer hardware with the silver button instead of the white.. I didn't have any problems with that, but the phone came shipped to me with a crack at the bottom right. Took it back and now I have this bs replacement.. I hope the 1.4 update fixes little annoying things like this..
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    Rennat, Thanks for introducing me to the JsTop app. The resource was at close to 50MB and after running the Garbage Collection JavaScript Heap puts it at 30MB. One would think that the good developer would run this script like every time you put the Pre to sleep on the Touchstone.
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    I have a wild theory that with all of the complaints about the lag and sluggishness of the native apps (phone, email, calendar, messenger, photo, etc.), Palm has been tweaking the caching and prefetching algorithm to give preference to those apps to speed them up. Essentially Palm saying fluidity of the native apps is more important than someone having to restart to play a game.

    So the OS is borrowing a few extra resources based on some pre-determined activity so that those apps can operate without having to wait to allocate memory. So let's say you open the contact list. The OS predicts you might want to send a message or make a call, so it doesn't stop retrieving or purge the contact list data right away if you exit the app. But, instead of sending a message or making a call shortly after closing the app, you try to launch a 3D game: boom, too many cards.

    It's not a memory leak per se (though those can be present too), just the system not predicting correctly. Good news is that something like that is possibly fixable with a software update. Bad news is that you're still subject to resources on hand.

    Tweaking the algorithms would explain why the TMC error went away for some people and started happening more frequently to others. People use their handsets differently; the algorithm works for some and not others.
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    There is also a patch that adds the choice of luna, java, or device restart when you hold down the power button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdritch24 View Post
    There is also a patch that adds the choice of luna, java, or device restart when you hold down the power button.
    That's a great idea! What's the name of that patch? I just looked in preware and didn't see anything like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by etx View Post
    That's a great idea! What's the name of that patch? I just looked in preware and didn't see anything like that.
    Advanced Reset Options from Jason Robitaille himself
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    Stitcher Radio and DR. Podder cause this every time.

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    I don't use any 3D games or Dr Podder, or any patches or Services that aren't part of the OS. Just some downloaded Homebrew GPS and other the Toggle utilities. I still get the Too Many Cards message. Methinks it is a WebOS bug, that wasn't really fixed in 1.3.whatever, and whichever apps you use a lot will trigger it.

    THe Reset button app from Homebrew seems to fix it, for the moment...
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