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    I have been desperately trying to find an invite for Google voice and was wondering if anyone had one to spare. I have been waiting for 3 months now, but still no invite. I also have a wave invite to trade.
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    If you still need one PM me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razzbuten View Post
    If you still need one PM me.
    do you have anymore
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    first to pm me gets 1. thats all i have
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    i have all three of my invites.. first three to pm me will get it.
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    If anyone wants to trade a Google Voice invite for a Google Wave invite PM me. I need a Google Wave invite.
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    nothing like joining a forum only to ask for an invite.

    i wouldnt give the guy one.
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    Maybe he's lurking like me.

    I've got Wave and would gladly "trade" for Voice
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    i have 6 wave inv. and need 1 voice. pm me if you want wave.

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