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  • Asurion/TEP

    16 66.67%
  • Black Tie

    4 16.67%
  • Slef insured

    1 4.17%
  • Other

    3 12.50%
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    I have seen a lot of threads recently where people have been complaining about their Asurion experience, but I have not seen many complaints about the Best Buy Black Tie protection. I was wondering if that is because not many use it, or are they just having a better experience when replacing their phones.
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    I use Asurion and had great experiences with them. My first Pre developed the charging port crack and after calling Sprint a number of times they agreed to pay my deductible. Asurion sent me a refurb with a scratch, so I sent it back and they sent me another refurb which lasted me a couple months until the screen started turning itself on and acting strange. I called Asurion and they replaced it under the 1 year warranty. The phone they sent me (my 4th Pre) had a non-working Mic. I called them and they offered me a BNIB October build date Pre which I am currently using. Hope my experience can help someone.
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    I've had 2 times I've had to use Asurion to replace a phone. One was my fault (ran over it with my car --- don't ask) and the other was my Instinct kept shutting down and restarting (outside the 1 year warranty and before Sprint let us do 1 year upgrades). both times were painless and totally in my opinion worth the INSURANCE on the phones.

    Now I carry it for those just in case...just like i would my car or my home.
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    I've had to use my Black Tie insurance once for a power button that stopped clicking. It was right after Thanksgiving and took it with no problem. I don't know if they were backed up or something at the place they send them to but after two weeks I was given a new phone off the floor. I was told the third party repair center was backed up but it might have just gotten lost, I don't know. I was happy with a new phone so it all worked out.

    My girlfriend has a Pre and the power button stopped working yesterday so we'll take it in this weekend and see how long it takes.
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    im surprised noones chosen "slef insured"
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    I looked at Black Tie and Squaretrade insurance and eventually landed on ST. I had used Asurion in the past and never had much of a problem with them personally, but then I never had to actually USE them either. I stopped paying for it when it came to the point in my Centro's life that had it died/broken, it wouldn't have been worth paying the deductible to get it replaced.

    With ST, you have to pay the entire warranty fee up front (2 years for ~$80 before any discounts if I remember correctly) but in monthly cost terms it comes out to less than 5/mo, or less if you use one of their 30% off coupon codes which are easy to find. The no deductible and free shipping is nice too.
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