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    Is anyone aware of a way to do 2-way syncs between a Pre Plus and Palm Desktop on a Mac? On PCs, this can be done through 3rd party software like Chapur'a Echo (wireless) or CompanionLink (by USB cable), but neither of these appears to be an option for syncing the Pre directly with Palm Desktop on a Mac. Any suggestions?

    I don't want to migrate the data on a one-time basis or to upload to Google, but rather just a direct sync between Palm Desktop on my Mac and the Pre, just as I have been able to do with my Treo for years. Thanks for your advice.
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    There's Missing Sync for Palm Pre, by MarkSpace:
    Keep your life in sync with The Missing Sync for Palm Pre from MarkSpace

    It's OK, but not great. It'll sync your calendar, but as of right now, not your to-do's like the old Palm OS did. It will also sync contacts, and other files that you specify. It's worth having, as long as you don't expect too much from it.
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    Palm Desktop does not support snow leopard, so I would suggest the Missing Sync.
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    Thanks for the Missing Sync suggestion, but Missing Sync only synchronizes with Mac's iCal and Address Book, not with Palm Desktop. I use Palm Desktop 4.2.2 (on my Mac using Snow Leopard) -- any ideas for how to sync the Palm Desktop 4.2.2 for Mac with the Pre?

    (Chapura's Echo seems to do exactly this, but only for Palm Desktop on PCs.) Thanks for any other suggestions.
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    There is no way to sync palm desktop to the Pre.
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    Chapura's Echo appears to directly sync Palm Desktop to the Pre, but only on PCs -- any ideas about how to sync the Pre with Palm Desktop on a Mac?
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    I am in the same boat, would love to hear if you find a solution.
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    No solutions yet. As a caution, even if you try to use Echo with a PC, it may require a certain later version of Palm Desktop, though I'm not certain about that. In any case, still looking for a way to sync the Pre with Palm Desktop 4.2.2 on the Mac -- anyone with any ideas?

    Thanks very much.
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    Has there been any further developments w/ this? It seems totally crazy that there isn't a simpler, straightforward solution.

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