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    My Pre has recently started acting weird while on the touchstone charger. I keep my phone on vibrate 99% of the time, and for the last two days, while its on the ts, instead of vibrating it makes a very quiet, almost inaudible noise. The ring tone I have set for calls is the old phone one and when someone calls me it plays this but in a low muffled very quiet tone. I dont think its the phone speaker because it works otherwise. I dont think its the touchstone, because I have two and it does the same thing on both. I dont think its the vibrate because it works when its not on the ts. I have preware patches but I highly doubt it would be caused by any of those

    I did finally get around to putting a touchstone in my car, and had it sitting on there while I drove 3 hours back to school. I really hope it isnt caused by this. I did a lot of reading before I put a ts in my car, and used what seemed like the recommended setup (palm brand car adapter, palm brand usb cord, touchstone). Since I got back I took the ts out of my car and brought it in my room and thats when I noticed this happening.

    Has anyone had this happen before, Any suggestions? Im thinking about taking it to the sprint store and having it replaced.
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    Thats what its supposed to do.

    If it vibrated when ringing it could fall off the touchstone and would be fighting the magnets.

    Short alerts will still vibrate briefly while on the touchstone but since they dont keep repeating there is no danger of the it falling off the touchstone.
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    Wow I never noticed that before. My ts has always been on my nightstand by the foot of my bed. Now that I have one on my desk its more noticeable I guess.
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    i was just going to ask if the touchstone was supposed to turn the pres volume on overriding the switch

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