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    Im kind of new to the homebrew thing and I'm amazed at everything you can do with it, but there's just so much stuff you can do to it that I don't already know about. So in your opinion, what's the coolest thing you can do with homebrew? With themes, or cool apps. Anything, much appreciated. Thx!
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    I don't use themes personally because I use the Switcharoo application to change my backgrounds throughout the day. There are a ton of cool applications and patches you can add - and their usefulness is up to each individual.

    If you haven't checked it out, you can find all of the Homebrew applications and descriptions listed HERE. Play around and see what you like and you can personalize your phone any way you like (especially with patches through Preware).
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    My favorite thing is definitely the hotspot or freetether. I don't use it a lot but it is needed for my job when I travel without a connection. This is the main reason I have add Treos in the past.
    Ater buying my Pre and going through all the stuffs homebrew has to offer, I must say I am amazed how much developpers have done in such a little time. As much as I like webOs, I actually think the Pre would not stand a chance on the market without homebrew.
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    I just got my Pre, and haven't used Homebrew yet. Is there much chance of Bricking or causing big problems with the phone by doing this? And, should I just wait now until 2/15 when 1.4 is supposedly coming out?

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    As far as I know nothing bad can come from installing homebrew apps on it. And it's not nearly as intimidating as it sounds, all you have to do is download the QuickInstall and put your Pre into programmer mode. After that I've found that the easiest thing to do is to use QuickInstall to install the PreWare app on your phone and you basically don't even have to deal with using the computer to edit your Pre, PreWare does it all right on your phone! Including patches and themes! It's DEFINITELY worth it if that's what you were wondering. In fact I jsut installed VisualBoyAdvance on it, which is a GBA emulator, so I've been loading up all the old Pokemon games having fun on my cell phone! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by kegl11 View Post
    I just got my Pre, and haven't used Homebrew yet. Is there much chance of Bricking or causing big problems with the phone by doing this? And, should I just wait now until 2/15 when 1.4 is supposedly coming out?


    The conventional wisdom on this forum is that, aside from hardware problems, it is next to impossible to brick the Pre using Homebrew apps. Even if a corrupted download/installation causes the Pre to malfunction or freeze, it can be restored to factory condition using WebOS Doctor

    A great way to familiarize yourself and get started with Homebrew Apps and Preware is by reading the posts here and here. Both provide detailed information that is easy to follow.

    Once you see the increased functionality that Homebrew apps bring to the Pre, you'll realize what a great device it is.
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    I like the fact I was able to change my boot screen to make my phone seem so much more personalized . Its pretty kool. That plain looking palm logo was very boreing for sure.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I like the fact that Palm enables, if not encourages, such tweaking.
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    it's really tough to pick just one thing. I think I may have to go with themes, just because I love how much about the look of my device they change. Even the smileys in my IMs are different. and the launcher background, and universal search screen in this current theme are just intense! It looks so cool.

    damn. Now I want to go on and list all the other awesome things that homebrew lets us do. Meh, there probably isn't even enough space to list it all. I will say though, that the combo of themes, the patches I use, and cpu being clocked to 600 definitely make this a phone anyone (save those who are lying to defend their device) would absolutely admit coveting.
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    My favorite is the ideology that the patches create, the ability for everyone to be able to personalize their own Pre to do what they want, how they want. It's kind of like an extension of system-wide 'Preferences' only limited by the developer's imagination (and maybe some coding constraints :-).
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