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    Hi everybody.
    First off. I love this phone. Coming from a SE x1, it is a joy to use and looks fantastic.
    I have a mic issue I think where my voice is crackled to whoever I'm talking to but I think a replacement should fix that.
    My biggest problem however is the support this phone has in the UK.
    The majority of the apps are not available in my country. I'm really not interested in sound board quotes, dope wars, solitare or quote of the day apps. Something that's actually quiet useful would be really great.

    Also I'm having a hard time finding sat nav for it. Tomtom, garmin or sprint.
    Can anyone help?
    I called the official support number and was told whatever is in the catalogue is all I'm getting and it's up to developers to produce the software.
    I find it hard to believe I can't get ANY sat nav.

    And finally and this is entirely MY fault. I'm ignorant of how to get any music onto my phone via the web. Cause I'm a n00b! LOL

    I want to keep this phone but I don't see any support for it at all in the UK despite reading that palm are really pushing it out in europe. They're not! It's not even a brand new device for gods sake. I was expecting so much more.

    Please help.
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    Palm has said the app catalog will be available in the U.K. in March that's a month, maybe two (If you use the very end of March as the target date) so I don't think it's too long to wait, but if you do maybe you'll be happier with another phone. Personally I'd wait, but I admit I feel a little bad being in the U.S. with access to all the apps telling you to wait.
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    Ok. So supposing all the apps become available next month. Which would be great!
    My biggest worry is sat nav. I know you guys have sprint installed as standard so I'm worried the UK is gonna get screwed on this one.
    Is it possible to get warez on this phone?
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    As far as Nav software goes that really has to do with the developers. I'm sure once the app catalog is opened in the UK there will be Nav apps made for it, how long... Well I just don't know. There are homebrew apps you can get without having to go through the official app catalog but I don't think there are any turn by turns in there just yet.
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    Hang in there - paid apps coming next month. Wish the same was true here in Canada :-( Also some people have found a way to install the Sprint NAV on non-Sprint phones. Search for something like "Sprint Nav on Bell" and you should find the thread.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vij View Post
    I don't think the Sprint Nav app works in the UK but I could be wrong.
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    sprint is using telenav system, you might want to contact telenav and see if they have a plan for webOS nav app.
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    Thanks for everything guys.
    I can't see myself getting anything better than the pre but no sat nav for the time being is a real kick in the teeth.
    Patience is something I just don't have
    I still haven't got the knack for downloading homebrew yet either.

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