I have been struggling with a wifi issue for about a month now. (yes I have searched, and tried some things I found, no resolution) My Pre, and now my wifes brand new Pre, will not download anything much more than a web page without stopping the download. I say stopping? Iím not sure what is really happening. For example I cannot watch a video on the youtube app. After a few seconds it stops and I get a failure message. I should mention that they both work fine at my work where we have an open network for customers. History, when I was using a Netgear 834b router at home it worked fine, was able to do all my software updates at home watch videos, etc.. Because of other issues, my ISP recommended I switch to another router. I switched to a Linksys WRT160N. It solved my other issues, but that is when the Pre issues started. I played with settings to no avail, finally got rid of the Linksys, and this time got a Dlink DIR-655. This router works great with everything else, including my wifes laptop, but not the Pre. I have tried every setting I could imagine, to no avail. WEP, WPA2, no security, mac address only access. Also tried changing wifi to G only, B only, B&G, G&N, And many other configurations, the Preís will not run large files or download a software update.. I had to bring my wifes to my work to do the update. FYI, my Pre is a 1st day out model (has been awesome, no replacements) my wifes is new this last weekend, but came out of the box @ 1.2. Any advice would be appreciated.