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    Quote Originally Posted by LilTmac2003 View Post
    I do hope they improve the battery life. I'm just looking to get through a day of heavy usage. Not extreme, but above normal usage.
    I do not think this is realistic, what do you do all day that prevents you from charging your phone at some point in the day?

    These phones do AMAZING things, people get so caught up in what it can do that want it do everything, not just the things you really need in a day.
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    I was recently having horrible battery life...but after a few recharge/discharge cycles, and a new router, I'm happy to say that today (with some game playing and texting) my phone has gone from 100% at 5am to just 73% at 1pm.

    To me that's pretty decent for a battery this size and a phone with this many features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sf_basilix View Post
    For what it's worth, I think aside from settings and usage trends between the various Pre users, I believe there may also be hardware QC issues that we're dealing with. For instance, I recently had a replacement Pre Plus because my last Pre had obvious issues. The replacement Pre I was issued, (came with a new battery) does not give me nearly as much usage time as I had with my last one. As an example, this replacement unit is now using up about 5% of the battery life for every 12 minutes of talking on the phone, which means 0% at 240 minutes... That's only a max of 4 hours of talk time folks. I would like to remind you that the settings on this Pre are identical to the settings on my last Pre and although I did not record actual times for battery usage on my last one, (I'm regretting this quite a bit), I noticed this newer one is significantly different. My last one gave me almost a full day of daily usage. This one is closer to half day.

    Not sure if this is related to the battery or the Pre..... I'm very close to looking into the Amzer battery (or whoever builds it) that is the same size as the Pre one, but gives about another hour or so of usage. This way I don't have to lose my TS backplate.
    It's funny that you mention this with the replacement because I am experiencing this too. AND, when I try to use my extended battery in the replacement phone, it causes the phone to keep shutting down and restarting. When I put the extended battery back in my previous Pre (before sending it back to Sprint) it would work fine. I wonder what the difference is.
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