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    does anyone know if and when there will be a call blocking app for the pre? like ones that are available for the beloved palm os. mabey this could be addressed in the next palmcast?
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    From what I have seen on the forums, in my short time here, it seems like a lot of people are requesting the same thing, and talking about it, but haven't come up with an app yet.

    If you have a stalker ex GF who calls every 5 seconds, an app like this would work, but in my case when I had my blackberry, ended up freezing my phone because it tries to auto pickup / push to vmail or hangup.
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    There is a patch that accomplishes this. I don't use it, but it's out there in preware in the phone category:
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    The patch works very well. Not as robust or versitile as what we're used to with PalmOS, but it will do the job for the aforementioned stalker ex GF.

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